Friday, July 24, 2009

Brad Wall needs a history lesson.

The diverse economy that Wall attributes Saskatchewan's strong employment numbers to isn't the result of a "blessing", nor did it get that way simply through dogmatic devotion to the mantra of tax cuts and letting the market run free. Most Saskatchewanians of voting age can (if their prior ideological commitments do not interfere) recall the Grant Devine regime's similar a priori conclusions and the devastating results.

The inconvenient truth here is that it took decades of central planning and strategic investment by various Sask. NDP governments to create the strong foundation that Wall is planting his soapbox on.

Good luck to the Sask. Party and its efforts to appeal to historical ignorance. Maybe courting the "long-term-memory-loss"-vote will turn out to be an electoral goldmine.

EDIT: Welcome "Assholery" readers! I shouldn't have to point out the obvious, but central planning and strategic investment are not mutually exclusive from regional government co-ordination.


Fat Arse said...

Bang on analysis!

Audrey II said...

Thanks! The audacity with which Wall and his gang have been attempting to attribute the strength of Saskatchewan's economic foundation to Conservative principles would be laughable if not for how often their supporters mindlessly repeat it.

Historical revisionism without shame!

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