Friday, July 31, 2009

Environmentalism is gonna kill us all... with asteroids!

What do you get when you combine 1 part hysteria, 1 part fear of "liberal fascism", 2 parts unfamiliarity with astrological phenomenon such as the Jovian gravity well, a dash of literal "Chicken Little", and several minutes of frantic keyboard pounding with cheeto-stained fingers?

The answer is at Townhall.

(h/t Alicublog)

EDIT: If you've arrived here at a post authored by a particularly loathsome "alcohol-fueled" troll who's repeatedly claimed that my choice of the word "astrological" above above proves something, let me point out that a) I understand quite well the differences between astrology and astronomy, and b) unlike obsessive assholery, I also understand the overlap between the two. I chose the term astrological (relating exclusively to celestial phenomenon) while penning this post so as not to drag in the ambiguity associated with the adjective "astronomical" (which has many non-celestial applications). We now return you to your regularly scheduled drunken assholery.

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