Thursday, July 30, 2009

John Gormley role-model in action.

Not too long ago, failed-conservative-politician-turned-radical-rightwing-talkshow-host John Gormley responded to Sask. NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter's suggestion that Gormley and his ilk represented the "FOX News of Saskatchewan". Gormley attempted to turn the slight on its head by saying how flattered he was by the comparison.

For some context, here's some of FOX News host Glenn Beck's more memorable appearances.

My favorite: 9/12 incoherent mistyness:

...Flattering, indeed.


Patrick Ross said...

See, the problem for you, Audrey, is that so many things seem incoherent to you.

As I recall, you didn't understand how an argument that, as one of its premises, denies the possibility of any other explanation could be used to support anything.

So I'm sure you'll understand if rational people continue declining to take you seriously.

Audrey II said...

Those segments from Beck seem coherent to you?

I completely understand that those incapable of even accurately summarizing others' positions often decline to take things they can't compete with seriously. In fact, I rather expect it. Dropping out is much easier than actually providing a compelling counter argument, and the rhetoric of distraction is a predictable associated occurrence. Don Quixote lives.

Good luck with conflating yourself with "rational people". Maybe there's one or two people out there yet that are unfamiliar with your posting record that might find that compelling.

Southern Quebec said...

Thwatrick advancing his thoughts on coherence! What's next Thwatrick? Thoughts on String Theory? Ponderings on the next pandemic? Please, we await your coherence...hahahahah

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