Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Understanding Canadian Conservatives".

Waller Newell had an interesting piece the other day in the Ottawa Citizen about the tension between "Toryism" and Reagan-esque conservatism, and offered some thoughts on why the traditional roots of the former make it unlikely for the latter to really take off here in Canada.

I think there's some merit to that, but its nothing in comparision to the contradiction inherent to the Libertarian / "Fundamentalist Christian" alliance Mr. Newell refers to.

It would be more accurate to say that "western conservativism" wraps itself in the rhetoric of libertarianism when convenient, but drops it when it comes to many issues such as pornography, legalized drugs, women's reproductive rights, and secularism.

Many a fundamentalist So-Con understands how much less electoral clout they would yeild without the libertarian windowdressing. Of course, it takes two parties to tango in this faustian symbiosis, and without libertarians willing to cast aside integrity and principles for the sake of democratic relevance, the whole song and dance wouldn`t exist.

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jj said...

Hahaha! Well said.

I don't know how conservative libertarians can even stomach an alliance with socons. In addition to what you mentioned, they certainly can't be trusted on free expression issues. They're all for free speech when it means being able to slag gays, but otherwise they're the first ones to yell for the nanny state to shut down websites and ban books.

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