Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Ambulatory Excrement"

Lindsay Stewart at Canadian Cynic lets loose on Randall Terry.

...Still no word on when the "hell to pay" that Terry threatened in the wake of the Schiavo circus will come to pass, although given the disgusting glee with which he celebrated George Tiller's death, that's probably a good thing.

ThinkProgress has more on recent Randall Terry insanity.


Robin said...

Well, technically it's Lindsay Stewart rather than CC himself, but who's counting?

Patrick Ross said...

Of course! It can be so difficult to tell the vermin apart.

Audrey II said...

Thanks, Robin! I've edited the post with the correction, and my apologies to Stewart for the original misattribution.

Thanks also, Pat, for you insightful contribution to the topic. You've provided a outlook on Randall Terry's actions that isn't often voiced.

Sparky said...

That's Patricks claim to fame--offering outlooks on issues that no one else sees--such as when we see octagons, he sees triangles.
I can't find it right now but I appreciated asomeone's response to Randall Terry's "Government should stay out of health care" tirade--someone said, "Yeah?? Two words--Terri Schiavo"
Ouch--that's gotta hurt.

Patrick Ross said...

As opposed to Sparky, who perpetually reports from the "nothing worthwhile to say. Ever." file.

Sparky said...

Let me fix your comment for ya, Patrick--
"I can't refute what others wrote about me nor will I apologize for facts that I got wrong, nor can I constructively contribute to the discussion at hand, so I'll just throw out ad hominems..."
There ya go.

Patrick said...

Let me fix that comment for you, Sparky--

"I'm a preening little retard who's continually licking the wounds of my last defeat, so I like to sycophantishly defend complete sleaze while I say things that I know aren't true."

There you go. You'll thank me someday.

Audrey II said...

I think Patti just illustrated your point, Sparky. He does have a knack for putting rope to good use.

Sparky said...

Fantastic use
Ironically, I've defended him and stated that he's written some very good posts.
Where does that put him and his little discertation above?
Oh right, again at the corner of 'no' and 'where'

Patrick Ross said...

Right. As opposed to Sparky, who never has anything to say, and Audrey, whose predilection for saying stupid and indefensible things has reduced her to essentially being a mass linker.

Sparky said...

Looks like Patrick wants to get into it.
K then, in this very blog post, Audrey did something Patrick has yet to do--correct a mistake openly and honestly.
And Audrey's mistake wasn't even a big error--just misattributing a post. And when pointed out, she didn't hoot 'n holler, or call people names, or rant and rave about 'vermin'.
She corrected it and thanked the person for pointing out the error.
Did her correction negate her post? Nope.
And what about that 'no deficit' you yipped about, Patrick?
And what about the triangles or the undercover agents you swore up and down weren't there, Patrick?
See, if you corrected your errors in those instances, well, you'd have no point left--your tirades were based on your very own errors.
And what did you do when those errors were pointed out to you?
This is why, in your quest to be taken seriously, no one can.
Everyone, now watch as Patrick conveniently ignores again for the upteenth time the points that anyone makes regarding his errors and takes more pot shots that completely fail to hit the target.
I await the ad hominem with eager anticipation.
Or, Patrick, you could surprise us and talk about Randall Terry--what's your take on that? After all, that's what this thread's suppose to be about.

Sparky said...

That's what I thought.
Patrick Ross--the Frank Burns of the Canadian Political Blogosphere

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