Monday, August 10, 2009

Another day, another fetus-fetishist advocates that women put their lives at risk...

... for bronze-age superstitions.

Ectopic pregnancies are a medical emergency. They are life threatening conditions.

Yet here's another wild-eyed, anti-choice zealot, counseling women facing such a situation to "wait it out", because you never know when a miracle might happen or when god might just bring about the abortion with his divine hand.

Despite science, medicine, and sheer statistical odds, women apparently should wait until a fallopian tube ruptures and they experience bleeding (one might surmise that's the point where Jesus the abortion provider has intervened) to seek medical treatment.

If the church wants to tell people when they ought to say "Hail Mary"'s, fine. Go right ahead and counsel people when it's best to rub their rosary beads to bring about lottery wins or to influence elections. But the above illustrated a priori commitment to a dangerous position of faith of illustrates once again why medical advice should be left to the actual experts in that field, not religious extremists.


Prole said...

Next time one of these anti-choice freaks are having a heart attack or stroke, I suggest they wait for a miracle instead of calling for emergency medical intervention.

Audrey II said...


"9-11 dispatch apologizes, Mr. Geerup, but we're not sending anyone until we're absolutely sure that Jesus has been given ample enough opportunity to intervene in your medical emergency. If you do call back, please be sure to have a deity on the line to verify the severity of your condition."

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