Monday, August 31, 2009

Breaking! Sarah Palin is a "non-white male"!

John Zeigler let this bombshell out in his recent "Big Hollywood" piece, and Blogging Dodo "Maria" is doing her best to to keep this incredible news alive.

No word yet on how the whole transgender/crossdressing thing will play out with American conservative voters, but we here at ETP wish Mr/s Palin the best of luck in a new role as spokesperson for LGBT issues.

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Sparky said...

I love it when people keep saying this--

"...That the only people more threatened by a highly successful and good looking mom than liberal women, are Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, David Letterman and Bill Maher.

Yeah, they looked scared of the wonderment that is Sarah as their ratings kept going up when they pointed out her sheer ineptitude...

West Wing had a saying that Sarah should be able to relate to--

she has a 45 calibre mind in a 357 world.

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