Friday, August 28, 2009

Gazette editorial: "Appealing Khadr ruling is colossal waste of effort"

..."We've said this so many times and in so many ways it's hard to be original about it, so let's just try the simple, direct approach:

Stop messing about and bring Omar Khadr home.

There, you can't get much simpler than that, but there's precious little chance that Stephen Harper's Conservative government will listen. It seems determined to keep the 22-year-old Canadian stuck in a prison cell in Guantanamo Bay until he qualifies for the old-age pension.

Two courts have already ruled that the government's inaction is violating Khadr's civil rights, that leaving him to rot in a tropical island prison is, in a word, unCanadian. Last week's majority ruling by the Federal Court of Appeal said Khadr's treatment in Guantanamo by visiting Canadian security officials deprived him of "fundamental justice," and that the government's failure to protect him from mistreatment by the Americans had violated his charter rights.

But the Canadian government, for reasons that defy comprehension and which it has never really explained to a curious public, simply refuses to budge. Its decision this week to appeal the case to the Supreme Court of Canada beggars the imagination. It's a colossal waste of time, money and effort."...

Harper's inconsistent commitment to human rights and rule of law needs to be an oft referenced issue in the next election.

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm worried. I agree with the morans at The Gazette! When you are the only game in town (the only English newspaper) quality is not your #1 priority. Their online stories seem to be written by ESL students. bleeeeecchhh....

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