Monday, August 31, 2009

How many times has Michelle Bachmann given birth in the hallway?

At a recent townhall, Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann once again put the famous wingnut grasp of logic on display, appealing to her personal birthing record as some sort of bizarre qualification for speaking about hospital conditions.

As the protester rightly pointed out, babies do not always come into this world in delivery rooms, regardless of the country or type of healthcare system in place. How many babies Bachmann has had does not change this one iota, nor is it even the slightest bit relevant to the point the protester raised.

In telling followup, at least one of the leading bloggers on the American right has even gone so far as to cheer Bachmann's logically incoherent response.

..."Unhinged" to the point of where making sense is no longer necessary? We report, you decide.

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