Thursday, August 6, 2009

Machiavellian fomentation of American single-payer hysteria?

I was streaming American talk-radio the other morning (as I frequently do for entertainment) and overheard one of Sean Hannity's callers insist that single-payer healthcare "like what exists in Canada" will inevitably lead to a "genocide of the elderly". Similarly, one of Limbaugh's callers breathlessly proclaimed that government paying for healthcare will result in some sort of eugenics program where only progressives receive care and/or will be allowed to procreate. Neither of the hosts voiced any disagreement.

These Orwellian spectres do not the least bit resemble the healthcare system that I've experienced for most of my life. There are certainly areas where Canadian Healthcare delivery can (and should) be improved, but the process of improvement isn't well served with a field that's pre-emptively been littered with dishonesty and lies.

Are there any of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories with enough integrity to come forward and correct the record? And (as has been asked already across the blogosphere), what is the deal with Stephen Harper's silence on the matter? Is allowing these misconceptions to circulate in a global marketplace of ideas a means to another end? How many Shona Holmes dead-enders will there be?

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