Saturday, August 29, 2009

Now is the time at ETP where we juxtapose!

Wendy "Conservative girls are hot" Sullivan's response to the death of Ted Kennedy, complete with a rant about Teddy's wrongdoings and description of what Wendy's vengeful god has in store for Kennedy if he hasn't repented.

Wendy "Conservative girls are hot" Sullivan's response to the death of Robert Novak, complete with... pearls?

Neither man lived a perfect life and both leave behind histories that beg criticism. Perhaps the same courtesy of putting aside the fire-and-brimstone missive that was granted to the latter might similarly have been extended to the former? Alternatively, if you're really hell-bent on illustrating the barbaric eternal-pain-for-an-eye sadism at the root of your metaphysical beliefs, would a little consistency be too much to ask?


John said...

The problem - for me - in visiting her site is that my BP goes from a good and healthy 120/90 to 160/110. Then I remember who she is and how she tries to hide her ignorance behind rhetoric and religious posturing... and my BP is happy again.
Good post.

Anonymous said...

Wendy "I'm only here for the meds" is a real piece of work. And not in a good way...

I don't believe she is as religious as she pretends to be. It's just for the rubes that visit her site. If wingnuts don't got religion, they got nothin'!

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