Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sask NDPers bypass the Wall government and its rejection of anthropogenic climate change...

...and attempt to speak to Ed Stelmach directly about his decision to end acid rain testing.
"Two NDP MLA's and the NDP's Environment Critic have taken the Brad Wall government to task over acid rainfall being caused by the Alberta Oilsands.

Sandra Morin and MLA's Buckley Belanger and Doyle Vermette say the Premier has failed to convince Alberta's Ed Stelmach to reverse his decision to end acid rain testing which was shut down in April.

Morin says she can't understand why the Wall government is staying silent on an issue which has such an impact on the province. The NDP Environment critic adds at the very least he should be asking Alberta to either reduce the effects, or compensate Saskatchewan for the environmental and economic impact.

Belanger and Vermette are both calling for a meeting with Stelmach to discuss the environmental and economic impact the acid rain is causing. They say although the rain is affecting northern residents mostly by its impact on fishing, the forest industry and the health of northern residents, it's also a truly province-wide issue."

It's also a global issue, and one that Brad Wall would unfortunately prefer to crack jokes about than to seriously address.

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