Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Canada is caught in a leadership void..".

..."as it lags other countries on world poverty and climate change, says the editor of the influential British medical journal The Lancet.

Ottawa's foot-dragging is part of a "catastrophic" global failure to act, Dr. Richard Horton said Wednesday as his call for Canada to step up was published online.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is "perfectly positioned" to lead "dramatic" progress as host of the G8 summit of wealthy countries next June, Horton said."

That might prove to be tall order for someone that's had difficulty finding his way out of the loo. Horton might also be disappointed to learn Canada's Baghdad Bob is politically beholden to a base that tends towards anthropogenic climate change denial and which doesn't think too highly of foreign aid that doesn't come attached to guns or crosses (or both).


Liam said...

The only reason that this gentleman might get some attention is due to the fact that his last name is 'Horton' and appeals to the true donut hole nature of our so-called leader.

Anonymous said...

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