Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Crackheads and alcoholics have lower (sic) immune systems"...

..."which is why it it makes sense to send the body bags".

Bonus marks available to the first person to accurately identify the transitive premise in Sullivan's argument. (For those needing a hint, Wendy was kind enough to provide tags for her post).

No word yet from Sullivan on the immune systems of those who "do absolutely nothing except smoke, drink and fuck their daughters", but stay tuned for updates!

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s said...

Imagine the situation if a different group of the most-vulnerable to H1N1. Imagine a large community consisting mostly of pregnant women, who had previously experienced a slow response and were hit hard by H1N1, and had been denied a shipment of hand sanitizers because someone thought that the pregnant women shouldn't have them because they might DRINK the sanitizer, and then sent them a bunch of body bags. Just imagine.

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