Friday, September 25, 2009

"For the most part, the blogosphere as a whole..."

...does not refer to Canadian First Nations people as "aborigines".

Click the above link only if you're interested in yet another pathetic-but-amusing case study in going off half-cocked and last-word-whoring in a desperate attempt to deny the obvious error. The frantic and irrelevant "there would be equal number of disrespectful posts" strawman slaying is just icing on cake. Reading comprehension, FTW!


Dillon said...

From the link, Patrick sez:

"I’d rather have grown up with a mullet than have grown up to be the kind of numbskull who gets all pissy ..."

Well, based on the photoshop accompanying this post, I think its fair to say Patrick DID grow up with, and to this day is still rocking, a mullet.

Love this blog, Audrey II, keep it up!

Patrick Ross said...

Aw, Muffin.

Still bitter about the whole Ted Kennedy smackdown?

You were the one who said you figured you'd see as many disrespectful posts about Kennedy as disrepectful. And the margin was, what: 5%?

As for Balbulican, he seems to suffer from the same affliction as yourself and Sparky: the inability to stand by an argument. But he, like yourself, does try so very hard!

As for Dillon:


Hey. Don't let the facts get in the way of a good ad hominem attack now.

Sparky said...

You still flaunting your disingenuous numbers, Patrick?
Oh wait, of course you are. Quelle surprised. It's all you have.
And you bitching about ad hominems from anyone else...
Stand by an argument? I think we have a 100+ post in which you, as usual, ignore and massacre the truth, and I, as usual, keep poiting it out.
For the most part, the blogosphere as a whole thinks Patrick is a dishonest hack.

Patrick Ross said...

Nope, Spanky, I'm still flaunting my truthful numbers. There's a difference, and I'm not shocked that you can't figure that out.

And, no Sparkles, not at all. We have a 100+ post in which you basically put on display the full extent of your ineptitude.

And here we find you and Audrey again: moping about that loss. Seriously. Get a grip. Move on.

Sparky said...

Oh Patrick, your game was figured out long ago by, for the most part, everyone else.
YOu stating your lies over and over again in the vain hope that they'll be true someday--perfectly apt for you and your little nexus.
And I love the 'moping about the loss' bit. You really have to stop projecting your little, limited worldview onto others. That's just a suggestion and you don't have to listen.
Most people, when proven wrong as much as you, learn to keep their mouths shut until they actually get some understanding as to why they're always wrong all the time.
Not you.
My god but you just love to wallow in your own ignorance. Two things of a list of many things my 6 month old already has you beat in--he knows his own shit stinks, and he's already more self aware than you.
Once again, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Patrick Ross--arrogance and stupidity in the same package--how efficient!

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