Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm not ashamed to be Canadian...

...and I'm proud of the aggregate history of my country. I am extremely grateful to those the service of those who have devoted their lives to serving it.

At the same time and without internal contradiction, I am also not very proud of some of the things as of late that have been done in the name of Canada with respect to human rights. Can that discussion be had without the histrionic and disingenuous "How dare you be embarrassed to be Canadian?"/"How dare you disparage the troops?" rhetoric that's become so prevalent south of the 49th?


Patrick Ross said...

Perhaps Hedy Fry ought to not pretend to speak for all Canadians when she suggests we aren't proud of our country or our flag.

There's a better idea.

PeterC said...

Or maybe those who don't think should stop wrapping themselves in a flag, of whatever nation, no matter what.

Then again, I think you just answered Audrey rhetoric.

My answer is that, for the most part, yes, we still can. The low information segment of Canada isn't nearly as legitimate as it is in other countries. Most Canadians can still ask "Is this right?" and love their country.

Patrick Ross said...

And you would think that, too.

If you aren't "wrapping yourself in the flag" then you probably aren't one of the people whom Hedy Fry thinks used to be proud enough to wear the flag on a backpack, as in her flier.

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