Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lingenfelter draws attention to those who don't feel Sask boom.

"Signs of "boom times" in Saskatchewan abound, but it's workers who often get stiffed when things are good, say politicians and labour activists.

"Many working people haven't seen any increase in their wages, yet they've seen the cost of living go up hugely and they're having trouble making ends meet," provincial NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter said Monday during the Labour Day barbecue in Victoria Park."

I'd like to hear Wall and the Sask Party's thoughts on how the magical free-market fairies will address the widening discrepancy between wages and the rising cost of living.


Garry Aldridge said...


Thanks for raising this issue. Saskatchewan today has the highest rate of inflation in the country. This is the dark side of the economic boom. Seniors, students, and working families are losing ground as their cost of living continues to rise. The Wall government needs to pay attention to this problem and offer some concrete help with things like affordable housing, lower utility rates and tuition breaks.

Audrey II said...

Thanks, Garry. I think the Wall government's relatively "hands off" approach has failed many Saskatchewanians, and the more attention that can be drawn to this, the better!

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