Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mandryk rips Wall for snubbing Manitoba.

"Wall plucks sour note over Manitoba"

"Maybe Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall was a little too caught up in the Banjo Bowl rivalry with the Blue Bombers.

Or maybe he's fawning a little too much over the big boys from Alberta or B.C. . . . or perhaps a little too in love with the notion that Saskatchewan has been transformed overnight into what Wall described as an "energy powerhouse" forever impervious to federal equalization.

Or maybe he was just having a bit of a bad day. Frankly, a little of all of the above may best explain Wall's bizarre rationalization for excluding Manitoba's cabinet at today's joint cabinet session in Calgary between the governments of B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan."

I don't think Wall's omission has anything at all to do with a "bad day" or the banjo bowl, but Mandryk does raise a good point.

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