Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tories now "mulling over EI extension"?

After ignoring from calls the Liberals and the NDP last session to review EI benefits, the Harper government now wants to appear as though they are open to the idea?

What about all the CPC "We have the plan, and it's working" bluster? What of the stubborn insistence of there being no need for additional EI reforms and the Finley et al's chastisement of opposition MPs who dared to suggest otherwise?

With a potential election on the horizon, I guess the Harper government seems to once again be hitching its cart to voter apathy and the shrinking political attention span/memory of the electorate.

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janfromthebruce said...

The devil will be in the details - overriding request for equal qualification across the country, 360 hours, and higher premiums will be off the table for giving better benefits for maternity leave, and allowing non-waged workers access.
That is not what the opposition asked for, and Harper is hoping that Canadians aren't paying attention to a bogus "reform" and just that the opposition voted it down.

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