Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brad Wall changes Saskatchewan Order of Merit to "Participation Award".

...And in doing so, finds a useful ally in Sask columnist Murray Mandryk.

The Devine government constituted one of the worst periods of provincial governance in Saskatchewan's history. Mandryk is right that the Award of Merit is not an "Outstanding Premier Award", but where he goes wrong is his assertion that merely being elected Premier ought to be sufficient cause to receive it.

The Saskatchewan Order of Merit is (or at least was, until Wall's sullying of it) a recognition of excellence. Thanks to arguments like Mandryk's, Brad Wall has successfully turned the prestigious award into a glorified attendance badge, all in the name of "balance".

Cheers, Mr. Wall, for giving Saskatchewan a nice example of what you and your Sask. Party brethren consider to be "excellence".


Brian said...

If there was ever any doubt that Brad Wall is Grant Devine's mini-me, that has surely been removed with this sham. Beside duping the voters of the province into voting for him twice, just what did Devine accomplish, other than to drive our province into the worst debt in history. Heck, even the Conservatives won't have him as a candidate, and our seemingly bullet-proof premier treats him like a hero! The chinks in the armour are finally beginning to show...

Anonymous said...

This award is further proof that everything Brad Wall knows about governance and politics, he learned at the knee of Grant Devine, when he worked for him as a political assistant in the 1980s.

While Wall is simply trying to rehabilitate the tattered image of his former boss, he's actually helping more and more people recall how similar the Devine and Wall governments have been: neither government could balance a budget, both governments tried to hide their rising debtloads in the Crown Corporations, and both Devine and Wall governments have ignored the priorities of real people, while spending time and money on expensive white elephant megaprojects (like Nuclear reactors).

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