Friday, October 16, 2009

Future-of-conservatism drama!

Clearly, there's a lot of bias out there against Megan McCain's obvious intellectual appeal. I mean, people are so desperate to attack her that they're now criticizing her for liking Andy Warhol?

I blame the liberal EMM-ESS-EMM elistists for the reaction to McCain's "twitpick" that forced the rising conservative star to go Galt / give up tweeting.


Patrick Ross said...

Huh. Still nothing substantive to say?

Colour me shocked.

sassy said...


Patrick Ross said...

Yep. Nothing so shocking as someone who quotes someone who encourages the stalking of a blogging rival's children.

I mean, we don't expect that around here at all.

Audrey II said...

I think the picture says it all, I did additionally reference the disconnect between McCain's tweeting woes and the notion that she represents a great, intellectually appealing future of conservatism. I also alluded to two of the strawman arguments that frequently are tossed about when the vapid antics of people like McCain and Palin are criticized. You might find them somewhat familiar.

I do understand the sensitivity on the subject matter, though. After repeatedly drooling over the future for conservatism that Meghan McCain represents, these kinds of things must be a bit... inconvenient.

Maybe if you post 50 or so more replies using the phrase "nothing substantive" (the irony given the subject matter notwithstanding), you might just reach someone who finds appeal to repetitive declaration to be an intelligent and compelling argument. Best of luck, Pat!

Patrick Ross said...

Right. Because cleavage is "intellectually apalling".

It's kind of sad that's what passes for an intellectual argument around these parts.

And you wonder why no one takes you seriously.

Audrey II said...

No one argued that cleavage is "intellectually apalling" (sic).

I will, however, be sure to give "Patrick Ross' blogging advice on intellectualism and how to be taken seriously" its due (and well earned) consideration.

Patrick Ross said...

So, then. You have nothing to say, and you intend to keep it that way. Gotcha.

Audrey II said...

Your exemplary deductive reasoning skills continue to serve you well, Pat.

Patrick Ross said...

Well, Audrey, at least I have something to say.

Audrey II said...

That "something" is (as you've illustrated in this very thread) more often than not strawman slaying and declarations that others haven't said anything at all.

Keep putting that ability to accurately summarize others' arguments on public display, though. It ought to continue to do wonders for the credibility of your declarative evaluations.

On a related note, I do hope that you return to that whole "anti-cleavage" schtick. I know I certainly found it telling.

Patrick Ross said...

"declarations that others haven't said anything at all"

Which, around these parts, would be... wait, what's that word, again?


"Keep putting that ability to accurately summarize others' arguments on public display, though. It ought to continue to do wonders for the credibility of your declarative evaluations."

And remind me again, Audrey. That argument was what?

Vapid, empty attempts at snark isn't an argument. Someone as obsessed with grap like "Venn Diagrams" out to be able to figure that out for themselves.

Face it, Audrey. You just don't give your readers any credit.

Audrey II said...

Yes, Pat. It's true that I argued against cleavage. The brilliance of the self-identified Nexus of Assholery continues to go unmatched.

I'm still uncertain as to how donning the strawmen you choose to duel with gives anyone any credit, but I freely admit that I don't share the "intellectualism" that you, Goldberg, Palin, "Joe", and Ms. McCain continue to demonstrate. "Grap like Venn diagrams", indeed!

Thank you, Pat, for giving ETP readers the credit that I clearly have been denying them. I'd venture that most will find the credit that you extend to them via your contributions as valuable as the advice on blogging and thoughts on how to be taken seriously that you so graciously and selflessly dispense.

Patrick Ross said...

Meh. The hilarity of the matter is that I don't give them any credit, either.

After all, shit tends to attract flies, does it not?

Except in your case, it's more like maggots.

sassy said...


Patrick Ross said...

I'm sure I don't have to explain to you why I'm not the slightest bit bothered by that.

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