Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sask. Party enjoys the benefits of its ongoing disdain for Saskatchewan labour.

I'm not sure where Norris thought his Bill 80 promotion, essential services legislation, and Trade Union Act gutting would lead, but the course that he and the Wall government have been staying is one that will likely result in many more "missed opportunities".

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Brian said...

Anyone who has a union card in their wallet or purse and voted for the Wall gang richly deserves what they are getting. Problem is, those of us who are smart enough to know weasels when we see and hear them also have to suffer the consequences.

Too bad the working people of this province aren't dedicated enough to join a general strike. If all 95,000 unionized workers walked out for just a couple of days, it would drive home just how "essential" they are. Maybe then the Wall gang and their rich buddies would have to back off and treat said workers with some degree of respect.

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