Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The fiscal irresponsibility of the Brad Wall government...

...is eerily reminiscent of "Devine Days".

What can one expect when Wall feels that the most fiscally inept premier Saskatchewan has ever seen is worthy of the province's "Award of Merit".

Screwing over Big Sky's creditors might only directly affect a handful of people, but the issue has potential to have long legs, as farmers and individuals who do business with the government will legitimately wonder if they're next. If Wall thinks that his actions will only affect confidence in the Crown corporations he so desperately wants to destroy, he's wrong. It may also have an impact on confidence in his government.


Patrick Ross said...

Hmmmm. You're so right. The Saskatchewan Party should totally just hide government deficit in the books of Crown Corporations, the way Allan Blakeney's government did.

Hey. They had to come in handy for something, right?

Sparky said...

Shorter Patrick Ross--"But.. but.. but.. the NDP!!!"
And what's this? His gov't was defeated in '82?
Can you come up with any new games, Patrick? Or are you going to trot out the same old dead horses you always trot out?
Instead of calling the waambulance ("those guys back then did it too!!!") every time the gov't is found playing the same shenanigans you do (dishonesty and hackery), why don't you, with all your bloviating, actually do some of that there investigating of the current establishment...
Oh wait, IOKIYAC
It always is.

Audrey II said...

Patrick illustrates once again why his "turnabout is fair play" relativism is a one way ticket to the bottom of the barrel. Most people at some point intellectually mature beyond the juvenile "But mom, Johnny did it too!" routine. Unfortunately (as shown above), some never do.

Ironically, the Sask Party is doing their best to hide their deficit. Sooner or later, another Saskatchewan NDP government is going to be stuck cleaning up the mess the conservatives leave behind.

Patrick Ross said...


I would have to say that holding your ideological compatriots accountable for their actions is a great deal more mature than "it's OK because they're our friends".

Audrey II said...

Good thing no one here has made that argument (reading comprehension, FTW!).

You might see yourself as an extension of some political party as it existed in the '70's, but you'd be wrong to assume that everyone else shares your penchant for partisan affiliation.

Patrick Ross said...


There's Audrey making offering the "reading comprehension" canard.

You certainly don't seem to be denying that the NDP hid billions of dollars in deficits in the books of Crown corporations (and speaking of Crown corporations, they also often lied about where the financing for starting them had come from). Your response is to criticize someone for simply bringing it up.

That sure doesn't suggest that you think that there's anything wrong with what Blakeney's government did.

Audrey II said...

"There's Audrey making offering the "reading comprehension" canard."

If you're going to keep "making offering" the same errors, of course I'm going to continue to draw attention to them. No one made the argument that you chose to attack.

"You certainly don't seem to be denying..."

I'm not interested in contributing in the least to any aspect of the shiny object you're once again desperately hoping to use as a distraction from the topic at hand. What the Blakeney government did or did not do almost 40 years ago is completely irrelevant to whether or not my criticism of what the Sask. Party is doing now has merit. I understand that you don't really want to talk about the latter, which is why you're "staying the course" with the former, but it's still the same old exercise in rhetoric-of-assholery. It's unfortunate given your enthusiasm for post that it seems all that you're capable of contributing.

If at any point you feel like you'd like to discuss the fiscal (ir)responsibility of Brad Wall's government, do please let us know. In the mean time, accept my thanks for providing yet another gem in a long line of gifts that keep on giving.

Patrick Ross said...

Of course you aren't interested in contributing to a broader understanding of the way that governing parties in Saskatchewan have managed deficits.

Then not only would you have to admit that the NDP has not only not been perfect when it comes to handling deficits, but they've actually been dishonest about it.

After all, this is the same party that pulled funds out of the province's savings while they were running deficits at a time of economic boom.

Which has been another big difference: the NDP has run deficits in good times. The Saskatchewan party certainly is running a deficit, but it took an economic recession for that to happen.

Oops! I guess we aren't going to talk about that either, are we, Audrey?

I know much you dislike dem "shiny objects".

(And speaking of the gift that keeps on giving, I keep waiting for you to offer an explanation regarding why you thought it was necessary to mock Jonah Goldberg for allegedly being ignorant of his horoscope. Undead bodies everywhere!)

Brian said...

No one in Allan Blakeney's government ever denied the existence of some debt in the Crowns. However, the debt ratio of the Crowns was more than manageable, as is the case with any successful corporation. What Devine did in the 80s was the same thing as his student, Brad Wall, is doing now; selling off profitable corporations, taking the money and using it to mask deficits, and then claiming the budget is balanced. Add to that the stripping of profits from all of the crowns, which then increases their debt to asset ratio, making them easier to sell. Can you say SaskOil?

Trouble is, now you have a profitable asset gone, the money from the sale of the asset gone, and any future profits from that asset gone. That's how you wind up racking up 11 billion in EXTRA debt in nine years, and that's how you get sent into oblivion. And that's when you run out and change your name, deny your past, and attempt to fool the people into voting for you...and it worked in '07.

But we won't make that mistake again in 2011, no matter how many "feel good" commercials the failed business entrepreneur from Swift Current buys with taxpayers' money on radio, TV, billboards and in print.

Patrick Ross said...

Yes, I can say SaskOil.

I can also remind you that after Blakeney sold SaskOil -- to a consortium of Saskatchewan investors of which a majority were employees of the company -- the NDP mused about buying it (as well as numerous other sold crown corporations) back for $1.

Which is a great way for government to elbow their way back into a portion of the economy they have no business being in in the first place, but also a great way to screw over the investors who had bought it in the first place.

Then again, if there's one thing the NDP has very rarely understood -- although I'll concede that Dwain Lingenfelter seems to understand this, and concede it happily because it's actually a good thing -- it's the vital role of the private investor.

If there's anything the Saskatchewan NDP have really shown us, it's that there's no socialism like an old, tired socialism.

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