Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hagel elected MooseJaw mayor.

63% of the vote on a four-way ticket.

Sorry, Saskatchewan Talk Radio. Looks like you're gonna have to work a little bit harder at peddling the red-municipal-government-takeover conspiracy that you've been flogging over the past few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hagel did a solid job as a Moose Jaw MLA over a number of years. That track record of working with and for people had a lot to do with the people of Moose Jaw turning to him in this municipal election. John Gormley's best efforts to smear and belittle him had no impact. For the good of Saskatchewan, let's hope it's one more sign that Gormley (the failed, one-term Mulroney Conservative MP) is losing his impact on Saskatchewan political discourse.

Audrey II said...

Can we keep Saskatchewan's own Glenn Beck around for entertainment value? I mean, who else lets the mask covering conservative radicalism in Saskatchewan slip more often and more publicly?

John's now a self-admitted "raving George Bush fan". Colour me shocked.

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