Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sask. Farmers Blockade Big Sky.

Yes, it's only a dozen or so, but it's just one more thing that's drawing attention to the reality behind Brad Wall's "everything is going peachy-keen" mask.

I wonder if Devine-the-second is counting the money that's owed as part of his unanticipated and unprepared for deficit?


Saskboy said...

One guy is out $50,000. That's crazy. What kind of damage could be done by people refusing to sell in $50,000 chunks for fear of not getting paid?

Stephen said...

Hansard, Saskatchewan Legislature, July 5, 2001:

Mr. Krawetz: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. Mr Speaker, yesterday I had the opportunity along with 500 other individuals to attend the grand opening ceremony of Big Sky Farms latest hog operation near Rama--their fifth such project.

This 5,000-sow operation has six barns in total and it is expected to produce about 120,000 pigs per year. Also this operation will employ 40 people year round in the Rama and Hazel Dell areas, with an annual payroll of $1.4 million.

Local farmers will also benefit from this operation since about 800,000 bushels of feed grain will be required for a large feed mill being constructed at a seventh location also near Rama. Needless to say, this will be for the most part a benefit for my constituency.

Brian said...

The SP are real cheerleaders...when the project meant a bunch of jobs in his constituency, Krawetz was right there, cheering. Now that farmers are out millions of dollars, he is hiding under his desk, like the rest of his inept government. When will people wake up and realize that we have made a mistake of huge that makes the mistake of 1982 look reasonable. After all, in 1982, we hadn't had the Conservative experience since the Anderson government of the 30s. This time, the memory of Grant Devine should be more than clear, and we went ahead and re-elected that bunch. This isn't their fault...they are who they's our fault because we were dumb enough to go for the bait again.

We threw away sixteen years of debt reduction, balanced budgets, a thriving economy and the biggest boom in our history...two years later we are on our way back down the dumper. A Tory is a Tory is a Tory...

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