Friday, November 6, 2009

Sask MP Brad Trost supports physicians mixing medicine with religion.

Was Brad-Wall-BFF Grant Devine's recent anti-abortion award presentation to George W. Bush a way of testing the waters?

Conservative Saskatoon-Humbolt MP Brad Trost has now launched a petition against the funding of a Planned Parenthood group, citing the group's opposition to the denial of reproductive health advice and/or procedures on religious grounds.

Mr. Trost, I believe that I shouldn't be working on Mondays, except I'm employed in a field that requires me to... work on Mondays. Could you please look into also ending any federal funding my employer receives?

Snark aside, I don't mind reasonable accommodation. If there are doctors who were employed before the development of technologies that they have religious objections to, grandfather them into working in fields where that won't be an issue.

However, right to religious belief is not a right to use the workplace to evangelize, particularly when the latter interferes with the job that you have been hired to perform. It's revealing that Trost isn't content with pursuing protections for religious belief that would also allow others to also continue to receive healthcare untainted by evangelism. Instead, he's attempting to enshrine a right to impose religious belief on others, which isn't really the same thing.

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