Monday, December 21, 2009

Conservative "intellectualism".

Damn the fine print... Full speed hysteria!

(h/t Sadly, No!)

EDIT: Welcome, "Assholery" reader! If you arrived here from a post whining about how my above post isn't a "proper response to Liberal Fascism", please follow the above link and note that it isn't Goldberg's book that I criticized above. The link is to a post where Goldberg went off half-cocked and ended up looking foolish (something the proprietor of "The Nexus" is ironically familiar with). Instead of addressing what was actually posted "Tha Flamethrower" has again chosen to duel with another straw-stuffed shirt.


Dillon said...

I still can't believe Goldberg received a million dollar advance for his next 'book'.

Sparky said...

There's no accounting for some people's reading habits
Some people just have more money than sense

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