Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fight back against the War On Christmas!!!

New website helps you avoid Jewish, Muslim, and Holiday inclusive stores so that you can get the biggest Jesus-bang for your buck.

I have no idea if it's satire or not, but the comments the that "Wonkette" has highlighted are hilarious!


sassy said...

To accurately reflect this mentality they will now offer nativity scenes in which the Three Wise Men are placed by the dollar sign, a Wal-Mart smiley and a raving lunatic

Skinny Dipper said...

Based on the photo through the blogpost link, I wonder how a thorny thong would feel. Hmm.

Malcolm+ said...

There seems to be something about this time of year that turns people into complete dickheads.

The people who believe that "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" constitute an attack on Jesus are just plain silly - and they probably believe that Obama was born in Kenya or perhaps was the second gunman on the grasssy knoll, or maybe was responsible for the Lindbergh kidnapping.

Lot's of different religions and cultures have celebrations this time of year. Time for these faux-Christians to get over it.

But, just to be fair, they aren't see the only dickheads. The following story appeared in the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald from a "Canberra Anglican Parish Priest":

- My church is hosting some community carols in the local shopping centre in a week or so. To my great amusement the manager of the centre objected, because she thinks the '[expletive] Christians want to take over Christmas.'

Maybe we should all get over ourselves.

rww said...

I can understand why a mall manager is concerned that the Christians are trying to take over Christmas. The Capitalists went to a lot of trouble taking over Christmas. They don't want the Christians taking it back.

Audrey II said...


It's a truism that assholery knows no creed. It's also definitely true that there are some examples of gratuitous "anti-Christmasism". That said, I think they tend to be of the relatively isolated variety, at least in comparison to the subscription to the "War on Christmas" meme and the organized efforts to stoke anger at not being wished goodwill in an appropriately religious way. The mall-manager incident that you've brought up here is certainly an example of capitalists behaving badly, but I get the impression that that kind of thing pales in comparison to FOX News' seasonal persecution campaign, not to mention the increasing number of boycotts, condemnations, and requests for formal apologies from stores that are simply attempting to be inclusive of all walks of life. I could be wrong, but this is the perception I get.

I think you and I would probably agree on the following: If people are celebrating the holiday season, for whatever reason it might be, isn't it enough to fund solidarity in the exchange of wishes of goodwill? Doesn't it run counter to the overarching message of the season to use the occasion as an excuse to demand deference or acknowledgment of a single religion? Peace on earth and goodwill to all men, right? So why the widespread fixation on goodwill only to those that properly give homage to a particular religious persuasion? Isn't the concern about a "War on Christmas" really (and ironically) missing what the message is supposed to be about?

Malcolm+ said...

We are completely agreed, dear Audrey.

Buffy said...

"“You have offended the U.S. majority (Christians) by equating the birth of Christ with Wiccan soltice."

Hey, dipshit, Christmas was almost entirely ripped off from the (Pagan) festival of Yule and the celebration of the Winter Solstice. But it's not like anybody should expect you to know anything about the history of your own religion, eh?

rww said...

It's the Wiccan Solstice. Then witches really do make the earth rotate around the sun. In that case we should be worshipping them.

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