Saturday, December 26, 2009

Golden Puddle Award Nominee III

And here's "Five Feet of Fanaticism"'s Kathy Shaidle offering up yet another ironic illustration of how no one religion has exclusive rights to fundamentalist bigotry.

...Looks like she's picked her audience appropriately.

EDIT: In the space of 8 hours, the reaction of McMillan's flock has included:
  • Calls for bans on all Muslim immigration.
  • Requests for religiously targeted "pat downs" as security measures.
  • The suggestion that pistols with "fragmentable ammunition" be issued to all airline passengers.
  • A request for the creation of airlines that refuse to transport Muslim passengers.
  • "It's time we played cowboys and Mooslims...and this time we don't stop" rhetoric
  • An attempt to suggest the incident was somehow related to"Libslam 'n' Islam up a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g".
There's nothing quite like having SDA's audience illustrate my original point. ...Can't wait to see the kinds of gems that group will come up with during the next few days!

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