Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Golden Puddle Award Nominee V

Will there be another terrorist deathwish issued for criticizing Mike Gallagher's untenable position? Will we see a desire expressed for Professor Fair to fall prey to a bomb (or perhaps a diseased needle)? Stay tuned!

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Zach Bell said...

You know...I was typing out a long winded response to this and I thought of something as I was thrashing my poor keyboard into dust. I don't think racial profiling actually works in the long term though it may be a practical if not wholly offensive solution in the short term. I really doubt that but the argument is there and some seem to think it holds some water.

I wonder though, what would happen if this were simply left up to the airlines. Suppose they were told they wouldn't be penalized for racially profiling passengers but that it wasn't required. If airlines began to screen passengers in this manner, would a market gap be created waiting for an airline to take advantage of it by catering largely to East Indians? More than that, wouldn't some one actually end up feeling safer on such an airline?

Gallagher could vote with his dollars and tuck tail before boarding an El Al flight. Personally, I would just look for the best price and show that I have no fear of something that need not be feared.

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