Sunday, December 27, 2009

If you repeat the "Lie of the Year" often enough...

... does it ever become convincing to anyone but your choir?

Birthers, Deathers, and Teabaggers... Taking back America the FOX News way.


Malcolm+ said...

Of course, what the liars omit is that this sort of health care rationing is exactly what is happening across the USA right now, as health insurance companies deny expensive coverage to patients.

Audrey II said...

And the one of the most interesting aspects of that kind rationing, Malcolm, is that it doesn't occur to distribute resources based on need or the maximal reduction of suffering, but rather to allow companies like Aetna to divert vast amounts of money out of healthcare delivery and into the pockets of their shareholders.

"Rationing" will always exist where demand outpaces limited resources. The question then becomes one of how best to distribute those resources. But that's not a discussion that opponents of US healthcare reform want to have. Instead, they're content to scribble disingenuous facebook missives about "death panels" and spread populist ignorance regarding "rationing".

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