Monday, December 7, 2009

Never Forget.

Inspired both by the disingenuous Blogging Tories campaign and Buckdog's series here and here, let us never forget who it was that was so desperate to become a majority government that they said over and over that there would be no federal deficit.

Because it's still so very relevant:

Only one party at that time refused to acknowledge the implications for Canada that the global economic situation would have. Never forget who was wrong and who wound up being proven right.

On a related note, let us also never forget those who uncritically regurgitated the CPC line long after it was apparent that it was nothing more than a hollow vote-buying pledge.


Sparky said...

On a parenthetical note, let us also remember who, over the years of blog posting, was always yipping about how wrong sock puppet accounts were and wrote not just a few blog posts with regards to this very issue--recently specifically admonishing ti-guy for the use of sock puppet accounts--and then turns around and makes one.
As usual, IOKIYPR

Audrey II said...

With "For me, but not for thee" and "turnabout is fair-play" relativism as adopted maxims, who needs any sort of internal consistency or intellectual merit?

1) Employ untenable and illogical rhetoric or make a claim that's grossly at odds with reality.

2) Declare victory, boredom, or both.

3) Repeat either step as often as necessary for others to stop responding.

See how simple that makes things?

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