Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not very smart.

The now infamous MoveOn.org contest ought to have taught two lessons:

1) Internet contests where submissions are posted without review beg for abuse.
2) Even if you pull inappropriate entries quickly and issue unambiguous condemnations of them, your opponents will be relentless in their efforts to wring as much well-poisoning out of the issue as possible.

If you're going to run a semi-official contest on your party's official web page, for heavens sake review the submissions before posting them. The contest idea itself was actually good one, but no one is going to remember any of the fairly witty entries, nor the issue that was the basis for the contest. Instead, its the tabloid-esque fodder that your negligence has provided that will have legs.

(Oh, and for the benefit of the local "But you didn't condemn..." Elementary-school-moral-reasoning crowd, let me say that assassination jokes are not ever funny or appropriate, regardless of who it is aimed at.)

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