Friday, December 18, 2009

Saving Private MacKay

After all, it's completely reasonable to conflate Peter with "the troops", right?

Best of luck to Capt. Stephen "John J Millar" Harper and his rescue mission!


JimBobby said...

I ain't sure MacKay can be saved. His hands just got dirtier.

Sparky said...

OMG!! Photoshopped images of politicians!!! You the devil!!!!
Why don't you love Canada?????

********************Donas Kim Leaman said...

Makes sense to me, to let him fend for himself. This is, after all, about his refusal to save anyone but himself.

He has forfeited any and all illusion of personal Credibility.

Audrey II said...

@JimBobby Wow. If that is indeed true, then the stakes have just been raised from one-time mishandling of a single situation to a systemic problem.

Does anyone know what Dick Cheney's approval rating amongst Canadians is?

Audrey II said...


Clearly, I hate Canada as well as the troops, and I'm dishonest / a terrible person. (/bloggingtories)

Audrey II said...

@Donas Kim Leaman.

Why do you hate the troops? ;)

David said...

"I'm dishonest / a terrible person."

Audrey, you need badly placed italics to make the insult work properly.

You are a terrible, terrible person.

See? It's so much more Fighty McRoss that way.

Audrey II said...

Well played, David. ;)

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