Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Starting Solution to the Muslim Question.

Ann Coulter has it.


rww said...

I haven't clicked yet. My guess is send missionaries and convert them all to the true religion. Now to see if I'm right.

rww said...

"The hijackers were in this country legally!"

And I thought they snuck in from Canada. Can't the right wingers get their story straight.

Audrey II said...

@rww: They don't need to. Facts are often unfair and unbalanced, and they've successfully created a market for something other than accuracy in news and commentary.

Balbulican said...

Is this the first appearance of that deathless Coulterism, "all Muslims aren't terrorists, but all terrorist are Muslims"?

The Tamil Tigers, Red Brigade, IRA, UDA, Shining Path, Aum Shimrikyo and the dozens of other non-Muslim organizations must be annoyed at their demotion.

Audrey II said...

She's had her "end non-Christianity, non-US conservatism" schtick going for a long time, and this would just seem to be the logical extension of it. Classic in-group morality.

I too wonder how members of the Army of God, the Sons of Freedom, the KKK, the Lord's Resistance Army, the Iron Guard, etc... will react when they are informed that they've actually been Muslim all this time.

Did they ever locate Eric Rudolph's prayer rug?

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