Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SUZANNE FORTIN defends abortion=holocaust analogy.

... and just doesn't understand how subscription to that premise could result in others concluding that violent action needs to be taken.

SUZANNE also seems to imply that if she had been around at the time of the holocaust, she would have been content to publish missives on her own private printing press and offer "sidewalk counseling" outside the walls of Auschwitz until some formal declaration of war was made.

I'm not sure how either proposition benefits her case.

And remember, folks... She's not an extremist.


CK said...

Oh lord! Her! I used to find her quite entertaining. Until I read more stuff from her and started to wonder: please say it ain't so, please tell me she's joking. NO such luck! She really is that extreme!

I didn't get her thing about holocaust neither.

She seems to like comparing abortion to holocaust doesn't she?

Audrey II said...

Almost as much as she likes posting pictures of aborted fetuses.

While on the surface, such things might appear like histrionic appeals to emotion, but really they both illustrate how moderate SUZANNE actually is.

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