Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another right wing agent provocateur gets caught.

James O'Keefe, darling "whistleblower" (read: provocateur) of the political right, is now facing charges for fraudulent impersonation.

Hmmm. Allegedly assuming a false identity for the purposes of provocateurism... Why does that sound so familiar?

I'm certain some "intellectual" chalkboard out there will make the connection. Perhaps another octagons-are-really-triangles effort might be in order? ;)


deBeauxOs said...

Careful now, if you blow that dog-whistle, you never know what scraggly mullet-head disguised as a junkyard dog might show up in your combox.


Patrick Ross said...

Well, of course I am now.

The idea that O'Keefe is a provocateur would suggest that ACORN wasn't doing anything wrong in the first place.

In the videos, the ACORN workers in question went ahead and did these things without so much as batting an eyelash.

It's pretty clear evidence that these things were going on at ACORN.

So James O'Keefe got caught doing something stupid since -- fair enough. But it doesn't change a thing about ACORNgate, no matter how badly you want it to.

Thanks for coming out.

Sparky said...

This sentence is an acronym that conveys my humerous disregard for your supposition
This sentence is one in which I write your name thrice with the inferrence that I'm shaking my head doing so as if I'm speaking with a 5 year old
This sentence is the one in which I erect my strawman argument that I will slay in a subsequent sentence
This sentence is one in which I try to wow the reading audience with my ability to slay my own strawman
This sentence is written in order to show how vastly superior my own l33t sKilLz0rs are compared to yours
This sentence is one in which I thump my chest and claim winnership over everything that you've ever wrote

Sparky said...

Well, I was a little off--Patrick's predictability is 99 percent...

Patrick Ross said...

Sparky, Sparky, Sparky.

I am talking to five year olds. Should I make believe I'm talking to adults?

Sparky said...

Once again Patrick picks and chooses from all the relevant points to make his disingenous case.
He ignored the 'strawman' argument--which, in this very thread was demonstrated when he brought up the ACORN thing on his own (wasn't there in Audrey's post), and subsequently tried to vanquish said strawman...
But wait?? What's this?? Patrick's very own strawman isn't what it appears?? Patrick ignores the majority of the evidence--he redacted the real story--to make a point???
The idea that O'Keefe is a provocateur would suggest that ACORN wasn't doing anything wrong in the first place.
In the videos, the ACORN workers in question went ahead and did these things without so much as batting an eyelash

'In the video...' says Patrick, in order to support his supposition that people at ACORN were doing some nefarious and nasty stuff...
Let's see what a smarter blogger has to say about that--
"... Not only does this recent event put them on the side of a sleazy criminal douchebag, it also undermines the douchebag’s previous “work” on the celebrated “ACORN sting“, already compromised by a pending lawsuit.
'celebrated "ACORN sting"'...
And what's that based on? The blogger goes on--
"There’s a strange and ominous juxtaposition in all of this. How is it that the same people who go into paroxysms of unforgiving outrage when a gullible ACORN worker gets scammed into saying things that look bad (but not illegal) on heavily-edited video, are so eager to forgive and forget when one of their own is caught willfully committing a felony? Conventional wisdom suggests it would take either mental illness or heavy drugs to live with such contradictions."
(emphasis mine)
Heavily edited video... Edited to make folks look bad in the eyes of the video editors and other purveyors of disinformation... Right up there with what Patrick usually does on any given day--redact relevant information in order to make a disingenuous point...
Was any ACORN person on that there video arrested for wrongdoing? According to Patrick, wrongdoing took place right in the video! Consequences!!! Arrest those people!! We have film!!! Oh wait... no laws broken, and the only people that got in a tizzy about it were the 'choir' the video was intended for in the first place--freepers and others that love to have their little worldview reinforced by this sort of disingenuous claptrap--oh, just like Patrick.
Meh, as per PR's standard status quo, he'll fight the truth just to keep his hackery going.
Have at it, Patrick. Erect more strawmen so you'll have something to slay...

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