Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Canadian Sentinel and auditory hallucinations.

Representative Sheldon Whitehead says this, but Canadian Sentinel hears "the vast majority of Americans".

Many got a good laugh out of Palin's public display of magic-marker adolescence, but Canadian Sentinal hears "Aaaaah! A hat!!! OMG!!! Aaaah! WTF!!! A HAT!!!"

Maybe "Scenty" really is hearing voices in his head, but I think that it's more likely that he's following the time-honored tradition of disingenuous "So what you're saying is..." strawman slaying. Perhaps that kind of thing is a secret handshake for wingnuts?


deBeauxOs said...

Scenty goes on to wonder, in the comments, if we'll next be slamming Palin for wearing a skirt.

I'd wonder if that might be one of the expensive items of high-end designer clothing that she was asked to return.

But that's just me, being cranky.

Audrey II said...

I find myself wondering a lot of the time if the difference between criticizing someone who happens to be a woman and criticizing someone because she is a woman isn't grasped, or it's deliberately and disingenuously ignored.

Do people like CS really think that it was the fact that Palin was wearing a hat that was the issue, or is that just a deliberate distortion? Do they really feel that Whiteheads comments were directed at "all Americans", or do they just make that claim as a matter of rhetoric?

The former are comprehension and/or reasoning deficiencies that might warrant a degree of understanding and perhaps pity. The latter are deliberately acts of deception.

Balbulican said...

Sentinel's world is a very peculiar black and whit, demon-haunted space. He authentically believes that Obama is both Hitler and Stalin, and possibly the antichrist; that militant communist lesbians are secretly running the Miss America Pageant; and that evil Muslims are lurking behind every cupboard door.

There are some serious cognitive and emotional issues at play there. He's deaf; he was clearly bullied as a child; and feces and fecal imagery make up an unhealthy proportion of his postings. I feel bad when I pick on him, as he is clearly a damaged person. However, he took it upon himself to publish my name, employer and address online (under a pseudonym, of course), and accused me of a being a communist spy in the pay of China. That mitigates my sympathy a bit.

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