Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Golden Puddle Award Nominee VI

"Why we need to profile".

There are reasonable and rational responses to terrorism.

Tearing up the Canadian Charter of Rights to institute a policy that yields so many false-positives so as to be cripplingly overwhelming, which telegraphs the dedication of resources making for easier circumnavigation, and which creates counterproductive hatred, all to sooth your fear of some nebulous "other" isn't one of them.


CK said...

Even more despicable: those scans; I have one on my page, to show that it is indeed revealing. Gov't peep show; also, Baird the pitbull admits kids will be frisked. Doesn't this border on child abuse?

I say, boycott flying. No amount of sun or escape from a cdn winter is worth losing human dignity and self respect for.

Audrey II said...

Hey, I happen to really like Canadian winters!

It is unfortunate to see all types of different kneejerk reactions occurring to incidents like this. Yes, we need to continually learn and adapt to keep people as safe as we can, but this needs to be done thoughtfully, rationally, and carefully. Those things are rarely present when people panic.

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