Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad.

Draft Script:
Pan over empty stadium, come to focus on Tim standing in endzone.

Tebow: 23 years ago, my Pappy had a choice to make. His friends were asking him to stay out late at the Crazy Cactus for last call, yet he knew my Mama was at home, waiting for him.

Switch to montage of Tebow's Greatest Touchdowns.

Tebow: That night, my Pappy could have stayed out all night, come home at 5am after Mama had gone to bed, and passed out on the couch. If he had, I wouldn't be here and none of these great moments in football history would have occurred.

Switch back to Tim in the endzone

Tebow: So when you see me play today, remember... My Pappy chose to come home that cold November night in '86 and take care of business. He chose life. I urge all of you watching to celebrate family. Celebrate life. Celebrate all those potential people that you're robbing of existence by watching this game instead of going forth and multiplying. No, wait!...

Cut to black
End Script

Of all the crazy anti-abortion arguments that exist out there, the "don't deny potential people existence" one has got to be one of the zanier appeals to emotion.

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