Sunday, January 31, 2010


It looks like "The best thing for the pro-life movement" has happened! Hooray! Something we can all agree on!

It's never too late to join the celebration, SUZANNE! ;)

(*Bring Your Own ALLCAPS)


Patrick Ross said...

Intriguingly, Audrey, you don't seem to share the opinion of Suzanne and myself that people should be tried for the crimes they actually commit.

Either that, or you thought that Nathan Richardson's assault on Ed Snell simply made him a delightful scamp.

Dr.Dawg said...

Trust this dork to ruin the MASSIVE party.

Audrey II said...

Those are REASONABLE, ASTUTE, and LOGICALLY SOUND deductions to make P.R.!

I know it's a little early in the day, but are you up for lighting the BAR ON FIRE, DR.? ;)

...To Roeder's CONVICTION!

Patrick Ross said...

Hmmmm. Odd. Truly odd.

One almost suspects you're trying to pretend that it's Roeder's conviction that Suzanne and I would object to, despite the fact that one can easily see otherwise.

It's also amusing to me that you'd celebrate Roeder effectively getting off for what he should have been charged with: an act of terrorism, under American anti-terror laws.

Further evidence that you just don't get it.

Dr.Dawg said...


Patrick Ross said...

So what, then, John: Do you think Roeder was not a terrorist? Do you not think he should have been charged as one?

Audrey II said...

I WAS going to WAIT, but I think it's TIME for some AWESOME PARTY MUSIC!!!!

Dillon said...


John Gormley's brother is a ROCK GOD!!!!

Audrey II said...

Dillon brought some ALL CAPS and some MUSIC APPRECIATION! WOOT! Fire IT up!

Sparky said...

Going against better judgement (not wanting to throw a damper on the PARTAY!!!...)
What the hell, Patrick? You cna't have it both ways--
You're pissed that Nathan got to walk away on a lesser charge but somehow you're pissed that Roeder got convicted on a lesser charge? (1st degree murder instead of some sort of 'terrorist' charge)
Make up your mind--you're either for the judiciary system as it is--both people had their day in court--or you're not.
Please do try to apply some sort of consistency to your disingenuous hackery...

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