Monday, January 18, 2010

"Support Wilders" free-speech mask slips.

If you support free speech, please email your Dutch Ambassador, because what we need right now are more voices that call for the banning of books and discrimination based on religion.

Note the difference between:

We, as supporters of free speech, abhor Wilders' positions; his advocacy of the banning of books, the forbidding of entire religions, and immigration discrimination based solely on ones professed creed. Yet despite opposing Wilders' arguments, we support his right to make them, however wrongheaded and bigoted they might be.


"We need voices like his, now more than ever."

As has become so often the case, this kind of thing doesn't illustrate a principled stance on what should or should not be regulated. Instead, free speech posturing has become window-dressing for the advocacy of discrimination, bigotry, and xenophobia. Don't get me wrong... I fully support McMillan's right to advertise to the world what a bigot she is provided she isn't advocating or inciting hatred or violence. Contrast that with McMillan's own support for a politician who wants to ban books and immigrants based on religion. Free speech indeed, Kate.

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Terrence C. Watson said...

You're right. There is a difference between those two statements, and the latter does tend toward support of bigotry.

That kind of stuff makes all of us in the Speech Warrior(tm) movement look bad.

I really like your work here, btw.

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