Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wall regime caught misleading on B.C. healthcare proposal.

Document details Sask., BC surgeries fees.

"McMorris said last fall no conversations with B.C. about paying a premium had occurred. Senior health official Duncan Fisher said the government had simply contacted B.C. to discuss capacity after the issue was raised in the summer between Wall and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell. Fisher said there had been no discussion of premiums or the details of costing.

On Monday, the NDP released a two-page document, entitled Proposed Out-of-Province Joint Replacement Program: British Columbia and Saskatchewan, sent from B.C. to Saskatchewan that outlines the potential treatment of 440 provincial patients by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

While almost the entire section under the "proposed funding model" heading in the document has been blacked out by the province, an uncensored copy seen by The StarPhoenix shows B.C. had suggested that "an administrative and capital overhead" be put on each case as a "discrete business unit will be established to manage this work."


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