Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winning hearts and minds.

Charges against Blackwater guards dropped on a technicality.

The article doesn't contain enough information to be able to determine whether or not a credible case could have been made without the testimony at the heart of the dismissal. It also seems to me that this kind of thing creates an easy out for governments that don't want their contractors to be prosecuted, as all they have to do is maintain Departments of Justice that are politicized enough to mishandle the prosecutions.

Regardless, there's likely going to be a fair bit of resentment amongst many Iraqis over this incident, illustrating once again the pitfalls of using private contractors in the legal gray areas of war zones. And it comes at a time when the U.S. can't really afford to be creating anger or widespread opinions of injustice in the area.


sassy said...


Iraq threatens action after Blackwater case collapses

Officials and relatives of 17 Iraqis killed in Baghdad react with fury to US judge's decision to dismiss all charges

Audrey II said...

Some people just hate us for our freedoms.


Anne Peterson said...

Do you know Amway is owned by the same person who owns Blackwater. Boycott it.

Audrey II said...

That's the first time I've heard that. Do you have any links, Anne?

Regardless, I would think that being a transparently obvious pyramid scheme would be reason enough to avoid Amway.

sassy said...

I also am curious and would appreciate a link. Although right of the top, Blackwater and Amway = both ethically bankrupt schemes

sassy said...

Seems there is, at least, a family connection between Amway and Blackwater.

Dick DeVos owns Amway and his wife's brother is connected to Blackwater.

His wife, Betsy DeVos, is the sister of Blackwater Worldwide (now Xe) president Erik Prince and she is the former chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. (see

Audrey II said...

Crazy stuff, Sassy. Thanks for the find! There's one more reason not to have anything at all to do with Amway.

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