Monday, February 8, 2010

Contribute to Jim Pankiw's "champange"!

...But before doing so, remember that Mr. Traditional-native-dress is-just-like-wearing-KKK-robes's press conference left it an open-question as to whether or not he's already had too much of the bubbly.

Yes, folks... That's a screenshot from Jim Pankiw's amazingly awesome website, the one that he boasted about revitalizing his campaign and allowing him to do an "end run" around the media.

...What a fabulous start it's been!


M@ said...

From his press conference, it sounded like Jim has more than enough champagne already.

northwestern_lad said...

I was waiting for someone else to catch that "champagne" faux pas

David said...

That really is a world class web site. Or did he call it top notch? I can't recall and I'm not watching that presser again.

Maybe it was "plum chiggered with techno doodads".

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