Friday, February 5, 2010

Jim Pankiw is back!

...And this time, the ex-Reform / Canadian Alliance M.P. is doing things with even more media-blaming and race-baiting-incoherence than before!
“And I'm gonna use the Internet. And my website is how I'm gonna communicate with people and do an end run right around the media. So, the media can misrepresent me all they want, but what I want is equality and that's what I'm gonna get.”

When asked why he would call a press conference if he wants to avoid the media, Pankiw said, “I don’t know, to rub it in your face. Because I don’t need you.”

Pankiw went on to say he considers aboriginal people to be racists.

He called attention to a picture of FSIN Chief Guy Lonechild in a traditional headdress on the front page of Thursday’s StarPhoenix, calling him “a guy with a big handband thing on, like feathers and stuff. Like, if there was a guy with a white sheet with holes in the eyes, wouldn’t you say that guy’s a racist?” he asked."

Yes, FSIN Chiefs wearing traditional dress is just like people dressing in KKK garb.

The LeaderPost has video of Pankiw's bizarre press conference. I'm not used to embedding video using iframe tags, so here's a direct link to their page if the video below isn't working

Personally, I don't think the media has to "misrepresent" Jim one bit for his "end run" to wind up as a self-inflicted wound.

I also think that internet is actually a better medium to give voters even more exposure to the incoherent, glossy-eyed, slurring, bumbling, angry Jim Pankiw of this press conference than traditional print-press or radio has ever been able to provide.

Here's to the 'tubes and an excellent start to Jim's campaign!


M@ said...

This guy is the best ever. I wish I lived in his riding -- he must make the election races just awesome.

Best question from the media: "Are you sober?" (9:58)

Audrey II said...

Agreed, M@. The "Why did you invite us here"/awkward silence/multiple blinks/"To rub it in your face"/reporter walks out/"Have a nice day" sequence is pretty priceless, too.

Great entertainment value... as long as you don't stop and consider for too long that Mr. Pankiw enjoys some serious political support in his area.

David said...

That was a thing of beauty Audrey. I liked his bit about his name not being on any treaty.

Tammy said...

"as long as you don't stop and consider for too long that Mr. Pankiw enjoys some serious political support in his area."

Not anymore - or at least not after that display.

Saskboy said...

Intoxicated, or sick with a degenerative brain disease? He's had the latter for most of his political career, but it's been the preventable kind. Now, it's more serious.

Dillon said...

I checked out his website. The "About Jim Pankiw" section is incomplete, but it does provide a link to Pankiw's less-than-flattering Wikipedia entry:

The election of Stephen Harper as leader of the Alliance resulted in the dissolution of the PC-DRC coalition and in most of the DRC members returning to the Alliance fold. Pankiw also applied for re-admission. However, by this time he was involved in another controversy, after an aboriginal lawyer alleged that an inebriated Pankiw had made lewd gestures to him in a Saskatoon bar, and challenged him to a fight.

On February 4, 2010, Pankiw announced that he would once again run as an Independent candidate in the next federal election, in his old riding of Saskatoon-Humboldt.At the press conference he called, where he announced his return to politics, Pankiw arrived late, declared he didn't need the media and declined to answer when asked if he was sober.

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