Monday, February 1, 2010

Mask-Slip Monday.

The entire comments thread here yields up example of example of wingnutty goodness.

Here's one prime example of the mask slipping ever so subtly:

" A house divided, V.

We can (and must) destroy the credibility of the left...marginalize and humiliate them until "progressives" would rather be caught torturing small animals and children rather than be labeled a "liberal".

This is possible (ever heard of "shunning"?), as not that many years ago being called a communist was akin to being fingered as the love child of Adolf and Eva.

The Union forever!"

McCarthyism iz alive! Wolverines!


thwap said...

How depressing.

So Obama turns out to be the loser the smart-left always figured him to be, and these knuckle-dragging cretins decide it makes them look good?

What a degenerate political culture.

Audrey II said...

Yup. The American economy isn't doing well, Obama's efforts at bi-partisan baby-splitting isn't sitting well with anyone and is resulting in lackluster reform, and all some can do now that they think they smell blood is to work themselves up into a hyper-partisan, paranoid, McCarthy-revivalist lather.

Sick and sad.

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