Thursday, February 11, 2010

Maybe she should have thought that one through a little better.

Half-term Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin's transparently disingenuous opportunism sudden political correctness-based interest in events that occurred behind closed doors over six months ago took a turn for the bizarrely amusing when her camp was forced to issue this statement about the behaviour of the de facto leader of the GOP.

...Odd how quickly that kind of thing went from an apparent firing offense to something worthy of milquetoast criticism-via-proxy.

No Tweetin' criticizin', Facebookin' lashin', or Drudge headlinin' for you, Rush!


Zach Bell said...

Wow...her response that that wash' post report is down right manic.

Audrey II said...

It's all a conspiracy between the media and the White House to create a side controversy?

Wow, I knew that the Washington Post editorial staff had some swing on the Hill, but I had no idea that they were capable of forcing Palin to attempt exploit a six-month-old comment made behind closed doors, let alone make her call on Obama via facebook to "eliminate" Rahm from his inner circle. Now that's power!

Palin's camp opted for swinging at a strawman in it's response. No one's suggesting Palin's sudden interest in "R-word" policing singles out Rush. What they are suggesting is that it was a transparently disingenuous effort at singling out Emmanuel.

Now, Palin officials are having to resort to outright demonstrable lies ("the same comment they have given reporters for a host of other instances where someone had used the "r" word"????)to hide the inconsistency.

Her rank opportunism ended up as egg on her face, and now she's left playing the only card she has left... teh evil MSM is out to get her. What a load of BS.

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