Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Conservative "intellectualism".

-Many Progressives think that climate change exists and ought to be addressed*.
-Bin Laden is asserting that climate change exists and ought to be addressed*.
-...just sayin'.

(*pay no attention to the relevant differences)

Wanna know who wears pants?

Guess who else wore pants.

...just sayin'. ;)


Sparky said...

To intellectual cowards that don't want to discern the differences, we'll try to reduce this to mathematics--

0 = wrong
1 = right

To conservatives, progressives (liberals) are always wrong --

Progressives = 0

To conservatives, climate change is wrong--

Climate change = 0

To many people, OBL is wrong --

OBL = 0

To many people, Hitler was wrong --

Hitler = 0

To conservatives, Glen Beck is always right --

Beck = 1

To conservatives, Rush is always right --

Rush = 1

To many people, wearing pants is right --

Pants = 1

So let's get the equations going

To conservatives --

0 (progressives) + 0 (climate change) = 0 (OBL) + 0 (climate change)

The equation balances.

And takign out the comon factors (climate change), we're left with--

progressives = OBL

However, the other equation--

1 (beck and/or Rush) + 1 (pants) != 0 (hitler) + 1 (pants)

In this case, beck/rush != hitler

so there's your issue--reduced to 1's and 0's. Some people can only understand in black/white, good/bad, 1/0 terms and can't understand nuance...

Unfortunately, many are sitting in positions of
power/responsibility, reducing all such issues to 1's and 0's...

Just sayin'...

masterymistery said...

Interesting analysis. And in fact much of the world's non-material infrastructure is based on and deals only with ones and zeroes, a binary weakness that demonstrates how an illusion of smooth seamlessness can be built on a foundation of lumpiness. Analogue vs digital; Continuous vs discreet. particles vs waves. quanta vs qualia

As highlighted in is reality lumpy or smooth?

(wanna do a link swap? "Enormous Thriving Plants" is listed on the Cosmic Rapture blogroll. )

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

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