Saturday, February 6, 2010

The sound of settled ignorance.

Once again, the rhetoric of climate/weather conflation gets trotted out, raising the question... "Is this being done out of ignorance, or as part of an effort to exploit ignorance despite knowing better?"

Which would be worse?

Mocking the self-corrective mechanism inherent to scientific methodology as some kind of liability says more ironically about the mocker's own approach to objective truth v.s. dogma than it does science itself. The scientific debate between the Ptolemaic model and the Copernican one wasn't cause to reject either the notion of distant heavenly bodies in space or the methodology of science itself. The latter theory didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater, but instead improved upon it where the evidence overwhelmingly demanded so. Note the difference between that and true faith.
  • It's only a theory! ROTFL!
  • HAHAHA Lookit how science has corrected itself! "Settled science" was wrong again!
  • OMG, check out the snow!
These kinds of arguments might generate guffaws at the local pub or snowmachine rally, but they're also the kinds of things that serious minds understand the problems with and that those familiar with science easily understand ignorance inherent to.

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